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Food Flooding

by - 9:19 PM

My dad is accompanying my mom to Kediri,
it's small city, three hours from my hometown Malang
The main purpose was attending my cousin engagement party,
but finally they decided staying in his house
as the theraphy must be done everyday

My mom is still sitting on a wheelchair
because her broken bone on hip area
Hopefully it can be cured and she can walk normally, AMEN

I thank God for this
Look, I'm not a good cooker
A little bit nervous when my mom is not at home
I keep thinking what I must eat for the next days, 
but today...there is food flooding in my house
Wow, I won't be worried anymore,
as for a week I won't be starving 

It's my aunt who delivered it all
Many thanks to her
God is good, always I guess ;-)

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