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Massive Cleaning

by - 11:28 AM

Everytime I enter my 2nd brother's room,
I feel eerie
What a mess!
Papers everywhere, many stuffs on the table,
dusty wardrobe, also books, magazines on the bed
Definitely I can't sleep in a room like this
So, yesterday I did massive cleaning
I was almost collapsed as it's too dirty
I drank a big glass of cold water,
and kept continuing my work
I've spent for about five hours

But....take a look now

Finally, it's clean!
My dear brother, you can lie down nicely now
I suggest you buying new furnitures please?
For your big day ;-)

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3 komentar

  1. hahahhaha
    boys will always be boys ... :p

    that's what happened with my younger brother too!
    well both of them actually ..
    im still working on "teach" my second brother to arrange his :D

  2. Good job, you can see the actual bed now! A cleaning and article both very well done :)

  3. @Yhosie : super duper lazy!!!I always become their maid.
    @Ottavia : hahahhaha,thank u much,Ta.


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