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Dream House

by - 8:24 PM

If I can dream about my favorite books, it can be bought
If I can dream about being a writer, it can be done
If I can dream about new laptop, it can be given
If I can dream about happy life for my brothers, it can be fulfilled
God is great

I want my books become best seller, well, I must wait
I want to go to Italy, hhm, I must wait
I want these pictures are designed in my dream house, I must wait too
Hope it can be made as soon as possible
And I will call this lady, Ottavia Huang,
a young, talented, and brilliant architect from Taiwan
How much I must pay you, my friend?
*start calculating*

Come in please :-)

Let's watch movie or read my masterpiece

Lie down for a while

It's time to shower

Have a nice dinner and then chit chat at the back yard

Don't forget this, 
enough space in the corner for Christmas decoration

Pictures source : www.home-designing.com

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2 komentar

  1. I am honored :) but to tell you the truth, I was a civil engineer, not architect :) And now doing business and creative industries research :)

    But, this design looks great! I will pray that all your dreams above will come true.

  2. @Ottavia : hihihihihihi.AMEN.Crazy dream huh.Owh,I see,now I know finally.


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