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My Daily Juice

by - 3:30 PM

My mom and my dad kept insisting me
To what?
It's not a marriage, not yet 
Well, it will come soon #pray

Okay, it's about health
I must drink this juice everyday
It tastes a little bit strange in the beginning,
but I can enjoy it finally 

They said it's good for my skin
Wow, as long as for the beauty
I agree!
I can tell you, I feel different
My skin looks softer and younger

And the most important benefit is...
it can reduce the cholesterol, stabilize the blood glucose,
even can make the body stays fresh
That's why my parents consume this juice regularly

The ingredients are :
Cucumber (1), carrots (3), potatos (1), green apple (1)
Put all of them in the juicer,
and drink it directly in the morning,
 when your stomach is still empty

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