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~ Salsabeela ~

by - 10:49 PM

Dear Ollie...

Let me say to you the very first time I know you
The fact is I'm a new player in the world of writers
I don't know anything about publishing, super blind
And I must stay in that condition for almost 12 years,
while I keep hoping about someday
Someday...those books can be published

I listed that dream in my old agenda
Until I met again with my friend, we're in the same Senior High School
You know what, he asked me : "Did you know Salsabeela?"
I was confused and answered : "Nope. Who is she?"
And then he gave me the link of your Facebook 
He added his explanation that you've written 16 books at that time
I became stiff and speechless, so many!
Denny Santoso kept reminding me to open www.nulisbuku.com
"Come on, wake up, reach your dream, it's free, it's your time!" Denny said.

I kept thinking, is it true? Really? 
So, in the end I made it. 
I was nervous to death when I announced my first book
has been online. OMG! I can't believe it! *until now actually*
And one by one my book is released publicly
All of those burden ideas has been out from my head
Unrealized, for a year, I have 27 books so far, novels, kid stories, and
collaboration collections from nulisbuku's projects 
Don't you think this is amazing? It's because of you :-)

It's true that we never meet personally, my friend has done it
But indirectly you have built my courage, you've created that way
Many writers out there including me are having possibility 
to hold their own books. 
And I know about you more since then
You have inspired us, especially women
I can only say thank you in a million

Juliana Wina Rome

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