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Special : Part II

by - 4:14 PM

I forgot to tell you...
It's because the package came on January 2012
Actually this was a Christmas gift from my dear friend in Sydney

You know what,
I've dreamed having this book since two years ago
When I still lived in Jakarta,
I often went home because I missed my parents
And I passed the bookstore at the airport
I watched his laugh
Damn, how much I want to buy it and read his story

But the price was very expensive (for me)
And then a couple weeks before Christmas,
my friend said, there was a big discount for books
She asked me to choose
Holy Lord!

Yeeeyyyy! Finally I can have it
Ah, I am so happy
I'm still reading it as it's quite thin

Thank you so much, Sherly Susan
I do hope, I can meet him and ask his signature (someday but soon!)

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