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Time Of Your Life – Satisfaction & Expectation

by - 2:42 PM

Time Of Your Life – Satisfaction & Expectation

          What make you happy so far when you’re still single like this? I like that question. I know that some people are curious and they want to compare their life with mine. I will say that I have a lot of things to do, work, write, and share.

          They will chase me. What do you share? Oh, many! I often spread my wings in giving my smile, happiness, sadness, support, knowledge, courage, and love. To whom? People who need it. They laugh loudly.

It’s okay. I can figure their laughter is similar with disparagement. You’re not psychiatrist or counselor, why would you do that? You’re not paid, it’s useless. I will explain to you people.

          “Do you have brothers, sisters, friends, kids, parents, or relatives?”
          “Yes, we do.”
          “Do you talk to them regularly?”
          “Of course.”
          “Now listen. What will you do if they’re sad? You will give them smile. What will you do if they’re failed? You deliver a support. What will you do if they’re scared? You stand beside them and build the courage. What will you do if they’re goal have achieved successfully? You will open your arm and show the happiness together. What will you do if they’re staying in confusion? You will share your knowledge.”
          “What do you get after that?”
          “Hhm, nothing. I don’t receive anything. I give it freely.”
          “To me….it’s a huge prize once I have done that.”
          “I don’t understand.”
          “That will be my satisfaction as I can create a relief for them. Unrealized…you have helped them a lot. People can’t always stand alone. They’re human who live side by side. We live to complete each other.”
          “I got your point.”

          Based on that conversation, people now are trying to be motivators. What is the purpose? Aren’t they tired as they must keep talking and extending their assistance? For some common society, indeed it’s wasting their time. I disagree.

          Motivators are standing on their capability to help others, although it’s only words. Can you imagine how many? It’s thousand in a day I guess and each word has touched somebody’s mind and soul. They will feel that… they’re strengthened, given way out, or even entertained. It’s amazing. And it’s referring to satisfaction as finally they felt relieved only with words. It can open widely imagination for them that life is really valuable.

          “Why are you so eager discussing about satisfaction?”
          I smiled. “Because I’ve had a precious experience before, and I never thought that it happened to me. It wasn’t great and it almost killed my spirit to continue my own life.”
          “What did you do finally?”
          “Oh, it wasn’t easy. I couldn’t stand up until this day if I didn’t have a special person that I call my endless motivator. Every single day, I kept talking and expressing my sadness, despair, and confusion. I couldn’t think anymore whether the boredom was existed because I turned into a griper.”
          “What did you get?”
          “A lot. I can see honesty, patience, and willingness during my recovery.”
          “Can you explain?”
          “It’s a package, honesty to help, patience in guiding, and willingness to cure me.”
          “It’s boring.”
          “No, it’s not. When the smile has started to blossom like a flower just because of words, then satisfaction has included also. The heart is lighted.”
          “I never feel that way.”
          “You must try it. You will paint a smile in many gloomy faces and burn their spirit again.”
          “Can it be counted as charity?”
          “Absolutely. Every good thing that you have done for other people, God has noted it well.”
          “I think I’m able to make my own description about this satisfaction.”
          “That’s great. I’m glad.” 
          “So it means we can be a motivator in small scope?”
          “Yes, correct. You don’t have to stand up in the podium, speak in front of hundred or thousand people, but just do it for the people around you, they who closely exist in your daily life.”
          “Is it meaningful for them?”
          “I guarantee, try to be there when they need it.”

          Frankly speaking, the other thing of my satisfaction is giving the needy. One day afternoon, I have finished taking a bath and so has my mom. I made a mug of hot tea, checked mails in my laptop, and she sat in our veranda. I was still seriously reading unread messages in my Inbox, suddenly my mom entered my room.

          “Come here, there was a small boy in front of our house, I stopped him.” My Mom said.

          When I saw him, it seems that my heart has been thrown by a stone, I couldn’t breathe for a while and I tried to hold my tears not to fall down. Oh, Lord. He rode a becak (pedicab) and brought many junks. His clothes looked very dirty. He kept waiting for my mom outside. I took a sigh and I came to him.

          “Hey, come in.”
          He kept watching me.
          “That’s okay, come with me.” I insisted. “Look, my mom is preparing nice food for you. Would you like to eat it here or bring it home?”
          He walked and followed me. “It’s better if I bring it home, Miss.” He kept standing in front of the kitchen.
          “Oh, okay. Have a sit please.” I said.
          He looked afraid and uncomfortable.
          “Don’t be shy, just sit down here.” I appointed the couch to him.
          Then he sat down with slowly move. Maybe he was worried that his clothes would make it dirty.
          “Are you a student?”
          “Yes, Miss. I’m in the fourth grade of Elementary School.”
          I was silent again and I thought that my eyes were glistening with tears.
          “Are you doing this everyday?”
          “Yes, Miss. When the school is over, I directly go home, take my father’s pedicab, and ride it to many places.”
          I was speechless. My mom still put many dish in the box for him and I took money from my wallet and gave it to him.
          “Here, this is for you.”
          He looked surprised and accepted it with honest smile. “Thank you so much, Miss.”
          “Here also, be careful.” My Mom said while she gave the food in the box to him.
          “Thank you so much, Mam.” He said. He put it carefully in his pedicab. He said goodbye to us then he left.

          I still watched him until he’s gone. I entered my room again and cried. I couldn’t stop crying. Oh, my God. A kid like him should be playing with their friends or studying at home, working on his homework. I truly prayed for him, hope God always take care of him and his family, give them enough in everything.

Although I was deeply sad to see my little friend at that time, but I thank God as I could give something to him, a little food and money that I was completely sure it would be useful for him.

          “Why did you cry?” My mom asked.
          “I felt so pity to see that little boy, Mom.”
          “Yeah, me too. I can’t imagine many other kids out there who have the same life, stay in poverty.”
          I wiped my tears. “I think that we are lucky, Mom. Oh, I hope that he will pass by in our housing complex again tomorrow. I will call and talk to him, give him snacks, hot tea, and then let him taking the junks in our house so that he can sell it, Mom.”
          “We’ll see.”
          “Mom, I always feel sad when I stop at the traffic light, many beggars knock the car window and ask for money. They beg for food. And sometimes when I am inside the moving car, I see a lot of poor people in the street corners. Even when it’s raining hardly, they keep walking without footwear or umbrella.”
          My Mom can only take a sigh.
          “Once I’ve given one thousand rupiah to an old man. He looked thin, weak, and hungry. I smiled to him as he kept saying God Bless You, Miss.”
          “What did you feel after that?”
          “Oh, Mom…. I felt that I was like a rich woman because I could help the needy. I was so satisfied. Maybe for us, one thousand is nothing, but for them…? It can make their stomach full.”
          “Yes, you’re right.”
          “Since that moment, I have expectation.”
          “What’s that?” My Mom asked. She smiled.
          “I want to continue it, keep giving the needy, although it’s not much.”
          “May I know why? What made you want to do it?”
          “Hhm, maybe it sounds ridiculous. My own thought is… I’m a sinner, Mom. I’m an ordinary human who lives with sins. Forgiveness from God it’s not enough as when I died, punishment will still be given upon me. And I hope, HE will make it shorter when HE has seen a little generosity from me to the needy.”
          Both of us then kept smiling each other.

          The time in our life is running until this day. What do you see and what do you do mostly is always done by using heart and mind. Something that always makes me realized and able to figure the meaning of life is when my satisfaction and expectation can walk together in balance. J

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