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Be Brave!

by - 11:26 PM

“Inspiring and Empowering” ~ Reach My Dreams by Learning English

When I lived in Jakarta, I often passed South Jakarta area. One special place I saw was “TBIKuningan”. Hhm, The British Institute. I wished I could study there as I was sure that the teachers must speak by using British dialect. I like it. It’s sexy I guess. Okay, let me start it. In the beginning, I hate English! Gosh, it’s difficult. I always receive beautiful marks, D and E. It wasn’t nice at all. The only words I remembered are I love you. That’s all, period. And my teachers hated me. Based on those pitiful moments, I decided to learn it seriously. I like Western songs and movies. Do you want to know the key? Just hear it and find the meaning, it can improve your vocabularies. You must watch the films through DVD without seeing the Indonesian text and bring your Oxford dictionary (English English). I always appreciate and enjoy every chance where I can show my ability in speaking English. I don’t care with the grammar. If you’re afraid with it, then you won’t be able to speak up. Trust me. This is my advice too. Don’t worry. You can fix it later. Just be brave! It’s true and it works. I keep doing it until now. And, even I can write my novels in English. Amazing right? I can reach my dream because of English. People in the world can read it, through my books or my blog. And I won’t stop learning. Never.  

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4 komentar

  1. I went to TBI Kuningan to improve my English, and because of the them I could meet the people around the world!

  2. @Meity : nice :-) Thank so much,Mbak Meity.Yes,you're right.

  3. kunjungan blogwalkin.. selamat juga mba juli buat kontesnya,..

    senang bisa berkunjung
    Berkunjung juga Ke Blog Gua ya

  4. @Adang : thank u yah.Will visit ur blog too.


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