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Heaven :-)

by - 2:58 AM

Many people have their own definition
about their heaven moments
Chat with best friends in cafe
Walk hand in hand with special someone
Receive first kiss
Eat pizza with a lot of cheese
Travel to beautiful places
Give signature on a book for fans
Get the appreciation from boss

ME myself, I have one
Well, of course I've had great times in my life so far
And it's various
But...I don't know
I always like this

RAIN! Yes, I love rain
And right now, I can tell you,
I'm having it again
It's raining at 1:56 
Oh, I directly pull out my blanket,
take one book from my bookcase,
and a mug of hot tea beside my bed

It's heaven, ladies and gentlemen
Although my wallet is empty,
I think I don't care anymore
I'm busy enjoying this lovely moment

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