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Me vs Expatriates

by - 7:45 PM

“Inspiring and Empowering” ~ More English More Friends

I always have a willingness of having friendship with expatriates. But indeed I have a problem. I was too shy to speak with them. So every time I saw my friends talking each other with them, I kept swallowing my saliva. When they smiled at me, I could figure that they wanted me joining in their conversation. Okay, I decided to sit down closely and tried. You know what, all I could say were ‘No’ ‘Yes, it’s true’ ‘Maybe’ plus too many laughter and smile as my response. Unrealized I kept saying the word ‘okay’ thousand times. Disgraceful!  Desperately I forced myself to be active, but it was failed. I thought that I must be registered as student at The British Institute. Well, I wanted to interact with their native speaker in order to improve my English better. TBIKuningan is near with my office. Unfortunately I didn’t have that chance. I often went home late at night, I worked over time. I kept thinking how to change this condition. I found the way in the end. I always stand up in front of the mirror, I hold the dictionary, I speak and pretend those expatriates are talking with me. I practice it diligently. Finally, I can do it. As the result, I can speak with my colleagues from abroad, also I have a lot of friends from around the world. Sometimes we hang out together or just chit chat through telephone. Oh, I love it! English is truly international language. 

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4 komentar

  1. Happened to me long time ago, but then TBI Kuningan has saved me :)

  2. That's great to hear! I hope you continue to use it to make more friends!

  3. @Anonymous : thank you :-) Yes,I do.


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