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Neglected Script ~ MY 31ST BOOK

by - 1:20 AM

When I'm writing, I follow my mind,
and my heart most of the time
But it's not always interesting for other people
I do understand as they have their own opinion

Honestly, I'm disappointed if my scripts were failed,
not chosen, or even it's said not good

Well, I try to figure it out, and it's okay in the end
I must keep learning right?
I'm still an amateur

Just like MY 31ST BOOK
I sent my script a year ago and it wasn't successful
Although I hoped so much I would become the winner
I keep it in my folder
And then there was a good news
"Send your neglected script and it will be published."


The Price : Rp 38.500,-
My script is using English, and for other writers,
they're writing it in Indonesian, I guess
Yes, this is my collaboration book

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