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Soto Sempu

by - 12:51 AM

Since two weeks ago, my third brother kept asking me
whether I wanted to eat this soto ayam
I still had a lot of things to do, so I postponed it

Today is Saturday, lovely day for me
I went out with all of my brothers,
and we enjoyed this food

Why is it called Soto Sempu?
It's because of the location
Yes, it's on Jalan Sempu
There is a notification, they're close on Thursday 
Jalan : street
Hari : day
Kamis : Thursday
Libur : close

Okay, previously I have shown you chicken soup
and this is another version of it
The ingredients are chicken, bean sprouts, celery, egg, potato,
then of course it's poured by the thick gravy

Once a bowl of Soto Sempu has been served,
don't forget this!
This is a must!
Add it with ketchup, sambal (sauce), and lime squeezing

As a friend, you can take the crunchy kerupuk (chips)

I can tell you, it's perfect! Delicious!
You can eat it with or without rice
I drank a glass of hot tea (without sugar)
What a lovely night huh?
We ate together and made jokes most of the time

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