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Ikan Asap Santan

by - 2:20 PM

Have you ever eaten ikan (fish) asap?
Oh, let me tell you
Ikan asap is absolutely delicious
It smells good

We make it from various kind of fish
But the process is the same
It's not grilled directly on fire
But it's cooked by using the hot smoke
So the color will turn into two combinations,
dark and bright brown

One of our favorite menu is ikan asap santan
It's using coconut milk and a lot of basils for the main ingredients
One word I can say, it's perfect!

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2 komentar

  1. it looks so delicioussssss, made me really curious, I'll make sure I'll try it!

  2. @Ottavia : you must try!It's so yummy.


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