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Yesterday was my time with best friends 
I always enjoy this moment
It's like...a kind of mind therapy
Yes, because we kept laughing crazily

Shinta and Yhosie have chosen the place 
It's illy cafe
Ladies and gentlemen, we directly fall in love with their menu
The foods, the drinks, the snacks, the ice creams
Everything are super yummy
Truly recommended coming here

The short article has described the history of this cafe
Hhm, it's expanded internationally to some places in the world
Well, in my opinion, it can be recognized
from the ingredients and the way to serve it into a perfection

I think, I will visit illy cafe very often :-)
The location is inside Lai Lai Fruits Supermarket
on Jalan Arjuna 36

Appetizer : we ordered Bro Cocol, it's fried broccoli & sauce
Complimentary : we got fried cassava & chips

For the drinks, I chose hot coffee mocha,
while Yhosie preferred orange juice,
and Shinta liked double berry juice plus durian juice

 Oriental Pancake Tuna

Pasta Cheese Bayam (roasted cheese & spinach) 

Nasi Panggang Lada Hitam
(roasted rice + meat + black pepper)

Strawberry Tripple 

Cheese Delight 

Durian Juice

As the additional, we ate fried tofu with its shrimp paste

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