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Simple but Precious

by - 4:27 AM

I'm sick since three days ago
It seems that my body is exhausted
I'm fever and I feel very weak
I hate this!
When I keep trying hardly not to be ill,
but in the end I give up

My parents are always worried when they see me like this
Especially my mom, she keeps forcing me to eat
I don't have any willingness to swallow any kind of food
Until yesterday she persuaded me with all of her best cooking

I took two plates of rice (for her also)
Enjoyed those simple foods that are made by her,
oseng kangkung, fried fish, sambal terasi, soybean cakes, and tofu
Everything are served on the table

Oseng : fried
Kangkung : water spinach ; kangkong
Sambal terasi : sauce whice is made by using dried shrimp paste

She gave me her best smile
Finally I ate it while we talked each other

I kept thinking on my bed
I said thank you to God
Unrealized some precious moments were truly happened 
in my daily life
It's the genuine love

Thank you so much, Mom

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