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“Inspiring and Empowering” ~ I am the Global Citizen

I’m Superwoman! Just screaming that words, then my costume will be changed and I can fly to many different places in the world. What for? I want to be a hero by offering ways out, like Superman. If there are many questions in asking my insanity, I won’t answer them. It seems ridiculous and even looks wasting energy too much. I live in this modern era. I can watch TV easily, listen to the radio everyday, open the internet links, or read daily newspaper. There are a lot of complications happening sadly or scarcely, such as nature disasters, accidents, murders, wars, legal injustice, suppression of human rights, poverty, and various crimes. I feel bad seeing all of these. And as a Superwoman, I want to help!  I will improve the damages, provide treatment and healing, criminal’s detention, justice enforcement, foods provision, crime eradication, and offer the solutions as many as I can to the whole world. I will bring my partners from TBIKuningan. Why? They’re the English experts. Look, I will arrange the meetings with important people like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and Queens right? I must speak formally, and continued by making the negotiations with them as I will become their problems solver. Surely I need The British Institute to be my official translator. They must guide me to process the agreements for the time range of the completion. Well, I’m a Superwoman who often has sympathy for other people, because I am the Global Citizen. Yes, that’s me!

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2 komentar

  1. jadi inget mantan bossku yang selalu bilang kalau aku ini wonder woman hehehe ...

  2. @Meity : emang!Mbak emang pantes di bilang Wonder Woman.Ngurusin bnyk projects di nulisbuku,kuliah,plus kerjaan.Salut!


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