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@ Walikan Malang

by - 2:25 AM

Yes, Malang in East Java is my hometown
We have special language too
It's still Javanese anyway
But we make it differently

Have you ever thought how to understand the words,
if the composition is being reversed?
That's what we have here
For example : book become koob

It's fun you know
I myself still keep learning it
Sometime I'm confused to arrange it well,
to answer my friends questions or conversation
We call it Walikan

Now, as it becomes special trademark,
then my friend has built the shop
in order to sell any kind of merchandise
which is related to that unique language

Come,follow me to check it out!
You can choose
There are T-Shirts, sweater, sandals, bags, or hats
Don't worry, the price is cheap :-)
My third brother has bought one cool T-Shirt

I got a T-Shirt and it's free!
Yeeeyyyy...! Thank you so much Walikan Malang
Please visit their profile on Facebook, for further information

Nice :-)

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