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Cinta Untuk Semesta

by - 1:09 AM

Working on collaboration book is always great 
Especially when I can meet other talented writers
We talk about the love for the universe right now
Some stories are really entertaining
Some stories are touching
Even one story is funny

Everything are collected and made into a book specially
Well, it becomes MY 39TH BOOK ;-)

The most important thing is that,
we received testimonies from famous writers,
such as Francisca Todi, a writer of Mafia Espresso
Farida Susanty, The Best Young Writer at Khatulistiwa Awards 2006-2007
Brilliant Yotenega, Founder of nulisbuku.com,
Yuska Vonita, housewife and genius writer at xposisi.com
Meity Iskandar, coordinator dearbooks project at nulisbuku.com

Mostly of them have said,
this book is written emotionally, 
and they felt amazed 
What about you?

Indonesian | Fiction | Rp 47.500,- | www.nulisbuku.com

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