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Informal Task @ JEMBER City

by - 2:29 AM

*EAST JAVAMalang - Lawang - Bangil - Pasuruan - Grati - Probolinggo - Klakah - Jatiroto - Tanggul - Rambipudji - Jember Vice Versa = 10 hours

Take a look!
These are the views on the right and left side outside the train
So green! Rice fields everywhere

That's my trip in order to complete my informal task
I got the ticket and I could sit down inside the crowded train
No air conditioner and many people sold various stuffs, 
they moved back and forth, kept screaming to promote it
Snacks, foods, drinks, candies, fruits, books, office tools, kid's toys,
and even birds

Very noisy, but it was fun
I felt amazed with them, they struggle for life
And some beggars came too :-(
If you get headache, don't worry, in one station, you can enjoy
live music from boys, they bring the instruments and play several songs
That's the magic train in my country, everything are allowed
But don't even think about this in executive train
It's different

Shall we go now? Let's start it!

Day 1st, 25 May 2012
I arrived at 8.00 pm and my second brother directly brought me to the
first place for culinary, he works in Jember, so he could be my chaperon
It's in Lestari Restaurant, they serve Indonesian food

Grilled Rib
Javanese Noodle (with gravy)
Tahu Tek 
Egg, tofu, mung bean, peanut sauce
Black Coffee
for me ;-)
Day 2nd, 26 May 2012
Three of us (my second brother, his girlfriend, and me) had brunch at 
Empat Mata, it's small restaurant which is open for 24 hours

Nasi Campur 
Rice and various dish (meat, tofu, egg, vegetables)

See my previous article about rawon
Ice Tea

Day 3rd, 27 May 2012
I love noodles at Kedai Mie, kedai / warung means traditional restaurant

Fried Pangsit (wonton skin)

Fried Noodle Complete

Es Blewah (local fruit + syrup)

Ice Lemon Tea

Those foods and drinks are delicious, but what I like most was fried noodle
at Kedai Mie, two thumbs up!
You know what, for couple days I have been OFF from my daily job
It was really nice, I could relax for a while
Thank you so much, my second brother
This time, you're right in choosing yummy foods *laugh*

My next trip will go to Bondowoso, it's about a half an hour from Jember
Wanna come with me? :-)

PS : The bad news is, I gain weight!!!

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