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@ Karangploso

by - 4:00 PM

Yesterday, I went to Karangploso
It's small village in Malang area
I accompanied my mom doing her therapy
We have found very nice place for her treatment
Yes, it's using traditional way
Thanks God, my mom can walk right now
It's truly miracle
But it's not finished yet, she must do it for the next three months,
until her legs can be used normally just like before

You know what I did?
I took some beautiful pictures
Wow, I always enjoy my time in the village
There are many trees, tributary, rice field, and ditch
The air is cool and fresh
I imagine that I bought a small house right there :-)

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2 komentar

  1. u buy a small house there ?
    and then u'll have to take a bath in the river too! hahahhaa

    i'll say : wina , watch out ! :))

  2. Hahahahhhhaa. Well, I'll think about it. It's beautiful right there. Fresh!


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