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Malang Food Bunker

by - 2:23 AM

It was a beautiful night yesterday
Two families have gathered for dinner
My brother's girlfriend and her mother and my family
We chose a big place which is suitable to be called Malang Food Bunker

That place is named Grand Food Court
All of the famous Malang foods have been there
Oh, it's so easy and practical
To all of you who want visit Malang and do culinary,
just come here
You won't be disappointed

Friendly waiters and waitresses,
quick service,
and the most important thing,
you don't have to go around in finding those delicious foods

Take a look of these,
hold on your saliva

The book is quite big
because there is an explanation about the food history
You can read it on each menu

The inside
Just choose your favorite food

The chips are crunchy and delicious
It's made from mackerel

Here they are! :-)
Nasi Campur Ayam (rice + various dishes)

Bakso President (meat balls)

Nasi Bali (rice + various dishes)
Actually this is Bali traditional food,
but it's famous also in Malang

Nasi Mawut (fried rice + noodles + vegetables)

Tahu Campur

Nasi Goreng Jawa (Javanese Fried Rice)

Pangsit Mie Gajahmada (noodle + wonton)

Ayam Goreng Tenes (Fried Chicken)

Soto Daging (meat soup)

Ayam Goreng Mentega (Fried Chicken with Butter)

Es Manado (coconut + soursop + jelly)

Es Kopyor (syrup + coconut) and Cantaloupe Melon Juice

I have showed you some of those foods in my previous article,
you can search it and find it in details

Welcome in Grand Food Court Malang
Monggo :-)

Grand Food Court
Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani no 9 Malang, Jawa Timur – 65125 
Reservation (0341) 411387

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2 komentar

  1. wah .. boleh ini buat kalo rame2 keluarga ...

    baru yoooo
    aku kok ga pernah tau

  2. Yup,tapi nggak baru" amat. Kata Lomon dia udah 2X kesitau. Pas pertamanya itu belum terlalu lengkap makanannya, sekarang udah banyak.


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