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Kunti, I Love You

by - 4:05 PM

As a writer, I want to write about many things
Although I admit, I adore romance stories for my novels
But I think, additional knowledge is great
I like challenge 
So I decide to join this competition

The theme is about Pocong and Kunti
What is that?
Those names are refer to the type of ghost from Indonesia

A pocong is an Indonesian/Malaysian ghost that is said to be the soul of a dead person trapped in their suit. The pocong suit (shroud, in Indonesia/Malaysia also known as kain kafan) is used by Muslims to cover the body of the dead person. They cover the dead body with white fabric and tie the clothing over the head, under the feet, and on the neck. According to the native beliefs, the soul of a dead person will stay on the earth for 40 days after the death. When the ties aren't released after 40 days, the body is said to jump out from the grave to warn people that the soul need the bonds to be released. After the ties are released, the soul will leave the earth and never show up anymore. Because of the tie under the feet, the ghost can't walk. This causes the pocong to hop.

The pontianak (Dutch-Indonesian spelling: boentianak) is a vampiric ghost in Malay and Indonesian mythology. It is also known as amatianak or kuntilanak, sometimes shortened to kunti. As with tiyanak of the Philippines, pontianak are said to be the spirits of woman who died while pregnant. This is often confused with a related creature, the lang suir, which is the ghost of a woman who died while giving birth. The word pontianak is reportedly a corruption of the Malay perempuan mati beranak, or “woman who died in childbirth”. Another theory is that the word is a combination of puan (woman) + mati (die) + anak (child). The term matianak means "death of a child". The city of Pontianak in Indonesia is named after this creature, which was claimed to have haunted the first sultan who once settled there.

My 43th book at this time is telling about Pocong and Kunti
My story has been chosen and published already
In the beginning of August 2012 will be displayed at Gramedia
It's the biggest book store in my country Indonesia
Amazing!!! I feel happy very much
The book itself is printed by Alif Gemilang Pressindo Publisher

Well, for me, it's a good start
Hopefully, my other novels will be famous
and of course become best seller too
AMEN :-)

Indonesian | Fiction | Rp 41.000,-

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