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Something's Strange

by - 3:18 PM

I hate a condition when I don't have any ideas in my head
I really want to scream loudly
What's wrong!
I don't know
Is it because of too many duties?

I keep trying to fix it
Music, jokes, books, movies
Arggghhh, it's still blunt

Suddenly, my mom called me
She told me to watch a television program
It's about travelling in some primitive places 

Hhm, I opened my eyes widely 
A traditional life in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara
It's lovely

And then something's strange came
I have spirit to write again today
Unbelievably, there are thousand words appear
And I swing my fingers to write 

For a couple minutes, I have a thought
Maybe I need vacation
To refresh my mind
I guess so...

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