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Teh Sereh

by - 12:14 AM

When the maid is absent,
while a lot of houseworks to do,
oh, believe me, it's quite exhausting
My big family is still staying in my house
They spend their holidays in order to celebrate Eid Mubarak

Okay, the point is, I'm very tired
I must clean the house and help my mom cooking 
What a busy day lately

So, I decided going to the kitchen just now
I want to make Teh Sereh
Teh : tea | Sereh : lemongrass
Take a look!

I took ginger, lemongrass, palm sugar, 
cinnamon, and then boiled them

Put the tea in the mug
And pour all of the ingredients 
Mixed and stirred it together

It can make your body warm and release the fatigue

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