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If a man wants to propose someone,
in a romance movie, they will kneel,
bring a ring, and ask, "Will you marry me?"
So sweet right?

Well, I will show you how mostly people in my hometown,
propose marriage to a woman
We call it lamaran

It happened on September 15, 2012
My 2nd brother will get married soon
He and his girlfriend are falling in love each other
They've agreed to continue their relationship more seriously


After many discussions and preparations
My big family held a lamaran
We came by bringing some boxes
It's named hantaran
We filled it with cakes, fruits, and peningset
Peningset : the gift for my brother's fiancee based on her flavor
(sandal, lingerie, dress)

Actually I chose it
As the Javanese custom said, 
my brother must asks my permission
I'm the oldest and hasn't married yet
His fiancee must follow my requirements
I've approved it already :-) *with all my heart*

Let's see this special day

Two big families have gathered,
also my neighbors as the witness

My 2nd brother's fiancee really adores this color, violet

Chit chat warmly

The main purpose has begun
My dad has appointed his brother to speak
In this condition, a representative must have children
who have married already, otherwise, it's not allowed

"Let me guide you, my nephew."
"I'm nervous, Uncle." 

My uncle asked, "Will you receive our proposal?"

"Yes, I will."

And then all people clapped happily
After that, we gave the peningset

My 2nd brother's fiancee is the only one daugther
The man on her right side is her big uncle,
while her dad is still in France, due to office duty
which can't be postponed

They may sat down closely

It becomes four now
Hopefully it will be six
Me and my future husband, my 3rd brother and his future wife
* and kids someday :-) *

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