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Depot Semeru

by - 2:50 PM

Who doesn't know this place?
It has been existed since I was a little girl,
since my mom, my aunts, my uncles were still young
So old! 

Depot means small restaurant
And they serve Chinese Food and snacks
Oh, believe me, all of them are delicious
It makes you wanting to eat more and more

I myself really like heci / ote
Previously I've written about this cake,
but it's made by my mom
But in Depot Semeru, the shape is different,
bigger and there are chicken or pork diced inside
My brothers are greatest fans of roti goreng
A bread which is fried and it tastes sweet on the skin

Just come to Jalan Semeru Malang
Enjoy those food
Trust me, you will come back!

 Nasi Capcay
Fried rice mixed with various vegetables

Bubur Ayam
Chicken Porridge

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