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by - 6:46 PM

What is your favorite game?
DoubleDown Casino, Sacra Terra - Angelic Night,
Bubblez, Gardenscapes, Plants vs Zombies,
or Heist maybe?
There are so many

But I have one
This game is very hard to do
Can you imagine,
 how to control it so that you become the winner?
You may kick, move, scream, beat, 
or feel angry, happy, even relieved

Just like the online games,
Everything are needed, physically and mentally
You find many ways to reach what you want
Highest score, level, skill, experience, and cleverness
Sometimes you're mad, sometimes you're satisfied,
sometimes you laugh, sometimes you're literally tired
Give up for a while...not long....

Well, life is a game
And I will keep trying to play with it,
In the end, reach my goal
I want to be the winner :-)

Be cool :-) 

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