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by - 11:46 AM

For two days I haven't drank a cup of coffee
It's my ritual in the morning actually
But, I had many things to do
I was busy since in the very early morning,
no time for breakfast, no time for music, no time for movie

You know what,
this package has made me screamed happily
Coffee and tea!

Rolas is our famous local brand 
for producing coffee and tea
This morning I directly took my lovely cup
Hhm, Rolas coffee is yummy and the tea also 

Rolas coffee consists of two tpyes
Purely 100% Arabica and Robusta
It's produced by PTPN XII (Persero), East Java
Made by the experts, plus it's using wash process
So, the aroma and taste are guaranteed

People, you must try :-)

"Thank you, my second brother. 
You must bring this for me every month."

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