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Aksa Leba

by - 2:36 PM

This place looks old
and it's quite frightening 
when I saw it for the first time
But, I'm not afraid at all
The strange was that I felt a sadness

There is a well

Simple house

Yes, it's graveyard in Blitar city, East Java
I visited it yesterday

Dear My Cousin...
It has been three years I never see you,
talk to you, or laugh together with you
I miss you so much! :-(

I remembered many things about you
You asked my help to do your English homework
*laugh with my teary eyes*
You gave me your fully support when I decided
to develop my career in big city like Jakarta
You always pretended to be a Santa Claus,
and sent many gifts to my family,
enjoyed the Christmas time together with us

To me, you're a wonderful Moslem

A lot of beautiful memories I've spent with you,
since I was a little girl

I wish you're still here
But I do realize, you stay in a gorgeous palace right now
I can only pray for you
REST IN PEACE, My Dear Cousin
We will always love you, always...

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