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My Super Crazy New Year's Eve

by - 8:56 PM

I always enjoy the different chances
of celebrating New Year
It was special sometimes,
or even was flat and just television 

We've heard of some predictions 
about the judgement day
But it wasn't true
Only God who can decide it, not us
Well, I prefer not to believe it
I'd rather choose spending my time with my family

Actually my family and I didn't have any plans
We kept asking each other
"Hey, what about tomorrow?"
"What we will do on New Year's Eve?"
We're still confused in the beginning

Finally it just came naturally
The idea was THE GRILL
Then we started to prepare the fish, the meat, and the corn
In the afternoon, we started to cook them all

My cousin was busy with his game
He waited the food

He kept waiting until he was bored
And then moved into my family room

 All of these were super delicious
Super spicy sambal (sauce)

Fruit cake

Fried banana!!! 
My favorite one :-)

Dark chocolate from Spain

Giant onde-onde 


We drank the hot tea

Then we grilled another ingredient
The meat
My uncle bought tons of it

Ribs with black pepper sauce

My uncle and my second brother were busy to grill
While people were waiting behind
They're so impatient as the smell was so good

Time to eat!!!

I might say, this was my super crazy New Year's eve
Because my uncle provided tons of food
He became the sponsor!!! 
And we ate it nonstop

Slowly but surely...
The stomach is full
Tired, and...
The beds were the best solution

My little cousin slept soundly

All of them couldn't breathe I guess
Too full!!!

And you know what, 
we forgot to grill the corn

Dear Ommas...
Thank you so much for those yummy food
We're truly having a great time
To me..., 
family gathering always becomes unforgettable moment

And I whispered...
For all of the blessings during 2012

So, hello 2013!!!

Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page book
Write the good one
Brad Paisley 

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2 komentar

  1. hahhaahhaa... poor corn :p

    i miss your blog !!
    its been thousand of years since my last comment here!!!

    i even forgot that i have one

    IM BACK! * finger crossed *

  2. @The Holiday : You must write again. Finally we made the corn into bakwan for the next days. Wkwkwkwkwk.


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