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Bubur Ayam

by - 9:43 PM

When I stayed in Jakarta,
I often ordered this food for breakfast
It was cheap and quite made me full
Like usual, I added a lot of chilies

Bubur Ayam!!!
It's different bubur ayam when I found it in my hometown
I was disappointed at that time
But, two days ago, my cousin has brought it
Yes, Bubur Ayam Jakarta
She knew it well that I like the spicy one

I ate it happily
There were porridge, fried soybean, shredded chicken,
sambal (sauce), chips, and cakue

Cakue is made from flour and it's fried
The flavor is a little bit salty, but I like it
Well, I think I shouldn't go to Jakarta anymore,
in order to enjoy this yummy bubur ayam :-)

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