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My New Home :-)

by - 10:31 PM

Sometimes, I'm thinking, oh, my...why I'm here? And how can I be here? It's like flowing naturally. My life is opened exactly the same like book, page by page. And I don't know in what page I'm now. I won't talk too much, but you can read some sentences that can touch your heart. Just like me. And I like my new home.

Today, I could take some pictures which are describing my activities with many lovely people. Come, let's take a look.

This is the door when you can see women and girls
are educated well

Chit chat 
They are come from different countries 
and stay warmly in friendship


Student's handicrafts and their skill 
It's using organic and herbal material

My office room

My new family

My new friend from Germany

My little friends 

 Farewell party (today) with kind hearted volunteers from
Australia and Germany

 We have the best chef and her delicious food

They have better life after graduated from Bali WISE

Welcome to MY NEW HOME!

Vision : Breaking The Poverty Cycle through Women' and Girl's Skill Education.

Bali WISE which is under the umbrella of ROLE Foundation (Rivers, Oceans, Lands, and Education), provides education and vocational skills training to local under priviledged free full time training courses with transport, meals, and accommodation assistance. We also provide a night school for women working in poor conditions to enhance their skills and lessons for local children who can't access formal schooling.

Operating since 2007, our training programs assist more than 200 women each year to develop literacy, English language, and job skills that allow access to improve employment options, allowing them to plan for their futures. We have partnered with AYANA Resort and Spa for the past two years, providing students with onsite hotel training to hone their skills in culinary arts, food, and beverage service, and spa therapy. This program leads to tangible job outcomes with graduates employed by AYANA, the ROLE Foundation and other hospitality venues.

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  1. i really really wished that i can visit you the other day ...
    i'll send the list that you requested instead ;)


    Im so jealooouuuussss

  2. @Yhosie : no problem, Teman. Next time. All of this mess was because of one person who always make me got headache. #lookingatShinno Thank you so much for keep praying for me, supporting me sincerely.


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