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It is 2013 and I keep dreaming. Thousand dreams are always landing in my mind. You know, I like Bali. This island is truly paradise where I can find many beautiful beaches. How much I enjoy it, feel it, and inhale the air. On March, I flew by using magic iron which is becoming one of scariest tool for me. Indeed, I hate plane. But I have arrived safely. 

When I walk, sleep, or do various activities, I can smell the incense, and I keep thinking : "Is it true that I'm in Bali? Work here? Live here?" Strange. I only imagined it in the beginning, but...hey...I'm here. 

Okay, I go here and there, admiring unique places, some of them are really traditional, or even super duper luxurious. And one time, I attended the meeting in a hotel in this exclusive area. Riding my motorcyle, I said in my heart, maybe it was nice working here. 

And voila, I didn't know how God works it, and I have stranded here, at The Bay Bali. Amazing for relaxing and tasting delicious cuisines. So if you want to get all in one place, just visit it. 


Are you hungry and do you want to have romantic dinner? Hold on your saliva, because we offer the best ingredients for cooking Asian food, traditional and modern.


Don't forget to play with the beauty of nature. We also have it. Create your experience of being a pirates and dress like Johnny Depp in Pirates of Caribbean.

Once again, I still don't know that finally I'm here. Life is mystery.

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