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Traditional Ceremony in My Kos

by - 12:52 PM

I slept at 2 o’clock. I’m still enjoying Eid Mubarak holiday. It’s nice when I can have my time to write until morning came. I was sleepy but suddenly I opened my eyes as I heard the small bell rang many times. Oops!! I forgot it!!! I woke up quickly, took a shower in a hurry, and dress properly.

There is a small ceremony in my kos. The owner is launching the mart and I really want to see the ritual. When I opened my door, there are a lot of sajen in front of my room. Wow, is that for me? No, of course not, Wina. And yes, it has been started. I kept following one by one and saved the pictures by using my pocket camera.

I’m thinking, I never imagine before that I will get involved in this traditional ritual, because everytime I come to Bali, I only spend my holiday. And for me, indeed, this is amazing. I like talking to the Balinese family who is the kos owner, asking them about various ceremonies and the meaning, including this mart’s launching. I saw how they pray and spatter the water everywhere including my room. I felt blessed :-)


And I received these, banana, orange, and salted egg. Nice! The kos owner knocked my door and gave them to me with super friendly and warm smile. Oh, I love it... and really appreciate their kindness. You now what, when I'm writing this, some little kids are singing Balinese songs in front of my room. Hahahahaha, so cute!

*Kos    : a house with many rooms and each room is for a rent.
*Sajen : offerings to the God, it can be flowers, foods, etc. 

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