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Nasi Betutu

by - 4:11 PM

At 7 o'clock, I come to the office. It's quite early, but I don't mind, because I like to inhale the fresh air. I start to sit down, turn on my computer, and....I see something is moving quickly on the tree. I walk closer and grab my camera, oh...it's squirrel. So cute! Jump here and there, eat the leaves, and look at me for a while. I smile...

And I buy my favorite breakfast menu, it's Nasi Betutu. Super delicious! I like this Balinese food very much. There are rice, be nyuh, chicken liver, chicken satai, egg, peanuts, spices chicken, and various vegetables such as be nyuh, spinach, daun kacang (Balinese traditional vegetable), bean sprouts, and string bean. 

I learn Balinese words here. Be : dish, nyuh : coconut. Be nyuh : scrapping coconut. While betutu, be : dish, tutu : the dishes which are grilled. 

This is what I called beautiful morning :-)

Nasi Betutu

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