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Everytime I come to my hometown, I'm always thinking that I have His blessings. I can meet my family, hug them, kiss them, and talk each other. They're my strength. There's nothing in the world that able to make you happy of having lovely family. 

24 December 2013 was Christmas Eve and my mother is 59 years old already. Although she is sitting in the wheelchair, I'm so grateful she's still with me. Feel her hand and receive a huge attention from her. Well, I can't do anything at this moment, except of being a good daughter. I can only buy her a small cake and candle. But, I give it with my heart. Just to see her smile, it's like watching thousand diamonds in front of me.

Mama, Happy Birthday. Wish you always be healthy, and may Jesus will always take care of you. I love you...

The surprise was started by my uncle and his family
He brought my parents to the restaurant

My second brother grabbed her hand and said "Happy Birthday, Mama."

My brothers and I bought Christmas gifts for Mama and Papa
They looked happy, hahahahaha...

Kissed each other
My eyes were glistening with tears to see them 

Christmas Eve...
We continued it by singing birthday's song
The candle should be 59 actually
Ooopsss, I forgot to prepare it

Lovely kiss again :-)

Mama and me

Mama and my second brother and his wife

Mama and my third brother

Family portrait!
I wasn't there, because I felt cold very much,
and I covered my body with thin blanket

Merry Christmas 2013 :-)

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