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Bakmi Godog

by - 11:44 PM

On Christmas Day, 25 December 2013, I was in Jogyakarta. I stayed in my uncle's house, at small village with its hospitality. Culinary became the main purpose. I had a short time over there, so I only ate bakmi godog. What is it?

Watch this...

Bakmi Kadin is one of a famous restaurant,
who serves bakmi godog
You can find the same food like this, everywhere in Jogyakarta

Once you entered the place, everything looks very simple and old

The owner has taken the photos with some important people,
that have eaten bakmi Kadin

Javanese songs will welcome the guests nicely

While we were waiting, we took pictures
Oh, by the way, you must be patient,
because it will take at least an hour for cooking the noodle

At Bakmi Kadin, they're using traditional tools to cook
Don't imagine about very modern stove :-)

Actually I prefer the fried one
The ingredients are noodle, chicken, egg, a little vegetable,
tomato, and Indonesian spices

Hhm, delicious!
Don't forget to eat it with kerupuk (chips)

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