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Christmas at The Bay Bali

by - 11:34 AM

New place means new style of celebration. In this occasion, I'm talking about Christmas at The Bay Bali. I have many lovely activities here. 

Beautiful decoration 
Christmas tree in every corner
Santa Claus is smiling 

Kids are waiting the gifts from Santa Claus
They're singing
They're dancing
They're playing near the beach
They stay in peace and happiness

Santa Claus is moving around,
while he's welcoming the guests

Ordering parcels 
Delivering it cheerfully 

Christmas is a chance to give, share,
and enjoy His blessings
Even this man keeps praying on the ground,
for asking what he needs on Christmas

Hhm, I'm just wondering,
is it clothes, shoes, bags, or higher salary?
*I keep guessing*

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013, Everybody!!!

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