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Dirty Duck

by - 3:49 PM

I don't like duck. Although my brothers, my friends, and even my parents keep convincing me how delicious it is, I never eat it. Well, once I've arrived in Bali, I've changed my mind too, especially when I visited this place. 

Let's sit down here with me
The air is cool
And I can hear the sound of waves from the beach

I started to order
I tried fruit salad
So fresh!!!

I felt a little bit nervous when the waiter served the duck
I was afraid that I can't eat it
But, I was wrong
Together with various Balinese chili sauce,
we call it sambal matah,
and small portion of vegetables,
this food is very yummy
It's crispy outside, and soft inside

The way they cooked the duck is perfect
I could taste that the spice is strong,
and don't ask the aroma
You can choose the fried duck or the grilled one
Both are delicious 

 Their legendary cake
Black Russian 
You won't be able to stop chewing

By the way, they provide the menu completely,
appetizer, main course, and dessert
I like it all, two thumbs up 

Oh, you must come here
At The Bay Bali, Nusa Dua, Bali

Just make your reservation,
and enjoy the food plus the beach as well
0361 8948 111

Mari makan ;-)

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