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Middle of Java

by - 11:22 PM

I'm not a traveller who likes to go here and there. I mean it depends on my mood. But on December 2013 I had a chance to go around in the middle of Java, and my mood was good. Let's go... watch me.... 

I visited Borobudur temple
Wow, this place is truly amazing
I love it!

A lot of people in the holiday season
Very crowded

A farmer got lost
And he bought the tickets
Psst....pssst....he is my second brother 

You are forbidden to enter the area without this
Rp 30.000,- per person
Don't bring the food, otherwise the police in the entrance
will be angry with you

Very clean area
No garbage 

Step by step to the top
The weather was very hot
The view is very beautiful

If you can't stand with the sunshine
You can rent the umbrella, or...
use the unique car to look the whole area

If you're tired, you can do the massage in the field
It seems very nice as I saw those people really enjoy it 

Walk again.... while we kept taking the pictures

We went down after felt exhausted and very thirsty

Just complete your satisfaction by buying many kind of stuffs
What do you want?
Toys, accesories, household objects, clothes, sandals,
shoes, bags, souvenirs, food, snacks, ice cream, drinks, etc...
everything are provided there,
and the price is cheap

And then, we drove our car to another location 
that took about 10 - 15 minutes
It is Mendut temple
What a beautiful inheritance!!!

We're very hungry and continued our culinary of course

First place, traditional duck restaurant
You can choose duck or chicken
They served it with raw vegetables, 
sambal bawang (onion sauce),
stink bean, and hot rice
I drank hot tea

My cousin was sweating as the sambal is very spicy

Second place, we're tired
We slept at Arini Hotel on Jalan Brigjen Slamet Riyadi
I recommended this hotel because it's clean, cheap,
and the service is good

When we woke-up in the morning,
our cars have been washed and the breakfast was good

Third place, Serabi Notosuman
I could see the painting that talked about the history
I could enter the kitchen,
and ate it desirely :)))

  Fourth place, traditional market named Pasar Gede Hardjonagoro
Only three words about this place : clean, neat, and complete

Fried chicken
You must buy this, cheap and delicious 
It's free range chicken (ayam kampung)
They make the sambal also

Pecel Ndeso
It consists of rice brown, spinach, mung bean, kangkung (water spinach),
sambal (chili sauce), and special sauce which is using sesame 

As my pictures were blur, so I copied from the internet

Ingredients of Dawet Telasih

Dawet Telasih in a bowl

Anything about herbal for health

Fifth place, kampoong batik at Kauman area,
many boutiques along the street
We searched here and there
Finally we found one and bought some clothes

Oh, I had a chance also to see the process of making batik
It made me remember when I was in Senior High School
I could do that... ;-)


We stopped here
While other went shopping, the rest were waiting,
just like in our own house
Well, you can order the drinks
What a comfortable boutique!!!

To be continued... ;-)

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  1. pengen liburan lageeeeee..

    1. @Salomon : hahahhahahaha. Ntar di rencanakan lagi untuk trip selanjutnya.


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