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Warm & Delicious

by - 12:25 AM

Finally, we have arrived in East Java again, in a city which is near with my hometown Malang... yes, it's Batu. Okay, we felt cold and hungry. We directly went along Jalan Panglima Sudirman to find something warm and delicious.

Chicken Noodle!!! Cuimi Ayam PAK SIKONG!!!
Their secret recipe is sesame oil
Oh, you must try it, it's yummy...
They're using wonton soup (pangsit basah)

Hey, if you want to cook it by yourself,
they open a course, and it's guaranteed that you only need three days
Come and join...

After that, we ate bakso (meat ball soup)
The location is near with Cuimi Ayam Pak Sikong
Recommended! It's delicious :)

Thanks, God...
What a wonderful journey
YOU have given us protection and safety

Next trip?
I don't know ;-)
By the way, I'm getting fat now, very fat *cry*

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