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Bawang Merah

by - 9:11 PM

TGIF always makes me happy. On Friday night, my friends and I went to Kelan beach. We wanted to eat seafood while we enjoyed the beautiful view. And you know what, I got it all. 

Our car moved on to Jalan Segara Madu, Kelan Beach, at Jimbaran Bay area. We entered a restaurant named Bawang Merah. We parked and quickly took the camera as it was sunset. We looked around first.

After we have decided the best position, we started choosing the menu, it's a package "Seafood Basket", the price is Rp 150.000,- for two persons, including the rice, vegetables soup, dessert (fruits), excluding the drinks. Here it is...!

While I was waiting, like usual, I updated my status. Of course to let the people knew that I was doing my culinary ;-)

We were entertained too, Balinese dance. It's amazing. I really felt all of the beauty about Bali at that time, I mean... I never imagine it before, I could have it. 

Cheers! :-) I like this place. It's clean, beautiful, and romantic. Plus, the food is delicious. If you want to come here, this restaurant is open from 12.00 am - 10.00 pm. For table reservation, just call +361 216 8521 / 770 210. Oh, by the way, you can hear the sound of the airplanes as the location is near with the airport. Fantastic!

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2 komentar

  1. biyuh .... menunya sereeemmm!!!!
    kapan aku diajak kesituuuuuu

    1. Serem tapi minta diajak. Xixixixixixixixi. Cepetan kesini aja.


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