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Be Pasih

by - 9:56 PM

My friend said : "I'll buy you lunch." Directly I screamed silently : "Yeaaayyyyy!!!" 

We searched some places at Renon, Denpasar, Bali. Then three of us have agreed to come to BE PASIH. This restaurant is comfortable, fresh as a lot of plants there, great parking area, and the guests may choose their favorite place, is it table with chairs, or sit down on the mat. Which one do you like?

I like fish, so I order it. This menu is complete. I had rice, fish soup which is yummy, fish satai, pepes, vegetables, peanuts, and sambal. Also ice tea as the suitable drink in the hot afternoon. 

Pepes is kind of traditional food that is cooked by using banana leaf and it's steamed. And sambal is the sauce, Balinese spices of course.

And my friends were prefer to eat the duck. There are two types, it's fried or served with gravy. Hold on your saliva please :-)

Ah, we're satisfied. We're full and the foods are delicious. If you want to make it more special, just take coconut with ice cubes. Perfect!

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