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I often miss my mom's cooking. I call it home cooking. Wherever I am, I always adore all of the foods that are cooked by my mom. My friend told me, this restaurant is able to fulfill my feeling about home cooking. Hhm, really? I think he's right. *devil's laughter*

Welcome at Budesa! I went to Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 88, Kuta. Just take a note of the address, it's near with Mercure Hotel Kuta. 

Chips, cold water, and ice tea are served firstly. I kept counting, what is the menu actually? I was curious. And... whuaaaaaa.... just like at home. There are fried chicken, oh, you must try this, it's very delicious. And then spinach with scraping corn, fried fish with sambal, pecel (mix vegetables with peanut sauce), also potato & stringbean. 

Mom, sorry to say this. If I miss your cooking, I won't go home to Malang, but I will come to Budesa. Suddenly I feel hungry. *cry*

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