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I like Chinese Food. Since my friend brought me here, I can categorize it as my favorite place to eat. All of the foods here are very delicious. The place is modest, but the chairs are always full. I'm sure that they have the same opinion with me :-) Hold on your saliva. It's on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Nusa Dua. I force you to try.

 I think it's made from fried mackerel

 It's similar with water spinach, but this one is more soft

Fried kwetiau / hanzi / sha he fen  / guotiao

Cumi rica-rica / spicy squid

Cap cay goreng
 Fried mix vegetables with gravy

Fried noodle which is using seafood

Fish ball soup from mackerel

Ayam rica
 This is not spicy. The ingredient is chicken

Fried rice vermicelli

Don't forget to add chili into your food :-)

Last, we chose Liang Tea as our drink
It's herbal tea and they make it by themselves
My friend said it can reduce pharyngitis and heatiness

Two thumbs up for this small restaurant
I love it!!!

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