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Don't Be Arrogant

by - 3:17 PM

A month ago I went home to my hometown. I visited my parents because they missed me. As this is not a secret anymore, the fact that I hate plane, I have phobia with the height, so everytime I fly to any places, I always pray. Before it takes off or after it has landed. Why? I'm only a human who really depends on God. I'm not a decision maker in this life. God can change everything just like snapping the finger, fast and easy. While us? We can only accept it. 

The funny thing was the passenger beside me, he laughed when he saw me praying. I didn't care. It seems that he was too confident for the safely trip. Did you remember one of the scene on TITANIC? "Don't be ridicuous, Rose. Even God can't sink this ship." (hope the conversation is right when Billy Zane talked cynically to Kate Winslet who is asking about the rescue boat). You knew the end. 

Another story, it happened a month ago when I came to the hospital. My friend had her appendix surgery. It was just simple moment when my friends and I gave her the spirit, jokes, her favorite foods, hugs, and laughter. We entertained her. The unsual thing was the ambulance. It was time to go back to the office and suddenly in the exit, I saw that car moved very quickly, pull out the patient so that he could get the rescue. One of the nurse kept pumping his heart in order to make him stays alive. He wore a pant, topless, and his body was full with the beach sand. I guessed that maybe he swam or dived. He enjoyed the pleasure, but God has made the plan. We never know. 

I just want to say, don't be arrogant. Malaysia Airlines with the flight number MH370, breaking news. Once again, we never know. Some people inside wanted to go for business, some wanted to go for holiday, some wanted to visit their family maybe, etc. But God has made His plan. All of us will die with the ways that we never know, at all.


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