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SIAP, GRAAAAAAKKKK!!! Well, you don't have to say it once you enter this place. It's only a modest place with some Javanese menu. 

Chicken soup is including in my list to be my favorite one. If my mom cooks it, I'm not bored eating it almost everyday. Of course, I will put a lot of sambal (chili sauce) to my bowl. The location is on Jalan Siligita, Nusa Dua, Bali.

I order chicken soup (soto ayam) while my friends prefer others. Let me show you. The way they serve it is using banana leaves. Oh, I love it. So traditional.

Javanese Fried Rice

Tongseng Ayam
Tongseng ayam is chicken which is fried by using Indonesian spices, and then it's added by gravy and vegetable like mung bean sprouts. 

I can say that those foods are delicious! Just try... :-)

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