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Waroeng Kampoeng

by - 6:21 PM

Hhm, Waroeng Kampoeng. I read it along my way to the office. I asked to my friend and he said, "You should try it. The food is yummy." I noted it. And I got that chance. I went to that place twice. I'm addicted. That's why I put the pictures here in the afternoon and at night. Ah, he's right. Delicious!!!

If you come here, you can choose your favorite place, maybe if you like to sit down on the mat while you're watching the garden, it's available here :-) Very homy.

My friends and I ordered these food. What do you like? Just vegetables, tofu, seafood, or fried rice? 

Sapo Tahu (Tofu)

Cah Kangkung (Water Spinach)

Kepiting Soka Telur Asin

 I like it very much. It's deep fried soft shell crab with salty duck's egg

Baby Buncis Telur Asin (String Beans)
 So crunchy! This is stir fried string beans with salty duck's egg

Fried Rice by using petai.
Petai : bitter beans 

Terong Saus Asam Pedas (Eggplants)

Nasi Goreng Sosis (Fried Rice with Beef Sausage)

Hot tea and lemon with ice 

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