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When I started writing a story for this competition, I have no ideas at all. I kept thinking, why I couldn't write? Just some sentences please? I begged, and still...blank. And when it was a break time at the office, I talked to my friend about this interrupted activity, I mean...my empty mind. Then she gave me her old short story, I read it, and owh....wow...I could fix it, add it, and make it more beautiful. Well, we tried and felt excited as after we sent it, we have been informed that there were 1.100 short stories had joined. Okay, we're optimistic :)))

We waited and...finally in the announcement our story has been chosen. Voila! We laughed loudly at the office. It's LOVE NEVER FAILS Book #3 Collaboration. You can purchase it at www.nulisbuku.com The price is Rp 50.000,- We wrote fiction one and we're using Indonesian. Amazing! This becomes my 57th book and my friend's 2nd book. It's a duet between Juliana Wina Rome & Ivana Pauline Handojo. Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing :-)

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