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Kopi Kultur

by - 8:53 PM

Last week, one of my friend who is a writer asked me to have a cup of coffee. I said yes with high voice. I love coffee you know. So we directly went to Kuta. This small cafe is located on Sunset Road, Kuta, Bali, inside of Little Tree Building (across the Rip Curl store).

When I walked in, I didn't feel the air conditioner. Bali is very hot and I always hope that everytime I visit some places, I will feel cold, at least. I looked around until we found best chair to sit down and started to open laptop, book, and notes. We call it writer's weapon ;-)

Wow! This is very suitable sanctuary for writers. I guarantee that once you come here, you will be inspired to write. And I love the smell of coffee. They display some coffee brands from different places in Indonesia. And I think that I've tried them already. One of them is Koffie Fabriek Aroma Bandung. 

You can choose your favorite beverages. I ordered ice coffee without sugar. Delicious! Oh, there are big jars near me and they put some coffee and teas right there. 

And my friend told me, this place is truly concerned with the motto of Go Green. That's why no air conditioner, no tissue, or plastics things. Hhm, it's great I guess. Enjoy, and take your chance to be here for a while. Comfortable place, wi-fi, and coffee or tea. It's more than enough for an amateur writer like me.

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